R trivia question of the day: What is the default axis buffer R places on y- and x-axes in base scatterplots?

Alex, I'll take the "best non-PC villains EVAAAAH!" for $1000.

Alex, I’ll take the “best non-PC villains EVAAAAH!” for $1000.

When creating more complex scatter plots (especially when building multiple plots on the same set of axes using par(new=T)), I often set the ylim myself to some custom value; however, you will find that even in these cases base plot in R will add a “buffer” to the upper and lower limits of your y-axes. I’ve always wondered just EXACTLY what this buffer was, and after a little bit of searching, I found this very informative (and useful–due to the nifty yaxs=’i’ trick) post. Anyhow, the answer, it seems, is 4%.


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